Amateur Radio - DC to Light

Microwave fairy has been back and had another dump!

Pickup only on the Central Coast. So bring ya ute or trailer.

Cash only (or I can process a credit card thru my business on the day).

All the pictures down the side are “clickable” if you want a better look.

Mitec 10 GHz link with 600mm dish:

  • Complete unit all mounting hardware $150
  • Mate to above missing waveguide transition $130
  • Get both $250



Mitec 10 GHz link in titty housing:

  • Complete unit all mounting hardware $100
  • Get both $170



Cal uW 15 GHz link:

  • Complete unit all mounting hardware $80
  • Get both $120




Cal uW IDO:

  • 2U rack box full of bits and connectors to scab $40
  • Get both $60



Andrews 38 GHz link:

  • One working, one not.  All mounting hardware. Both for $80




Andrews LDF4-50 & 5-50:

  • 4-50 3 x lengths various lengths, some with connectors $2/m
  • 5-50 2 x lengths, some with connectors $3/m




Heaps more photos if ya interested, just go to the link “View Album” in the slideshow thing above.

I won’t be screwing around with the price OK!  If not sold it all goes to the scrappie.