Oh to be a slothful goat....


I've picked up this nice solar panel and LiPo battery combo on Ebay from a suggestion from one of the guys on bicycle touring forum I hang out on.  I got the MP-S23000 but there are many more on Ebay


The burb with it says it's 23000mAh/85Wh.  Yeah right! 23Ah which I doubt!  Maybe 2.3AH looking at the size of it.  But it's handy.  Has 5V out on a USB connector and either 12/16/19V out on a bayonet connector.  Panel output is about 2½ Watts.  Can power phone and Radio (or laptap) at the same time.

Biggest pain is charging it.  It requires 15~20V DC.  So just can't stick it on the battery while in the car.  So I got some LM2577s on Ebay for a couple of dollars each.  Now I can charge with any DC volts at hand and my 3 watt AC dynimo hub on the push bike, car battery, wall warts (even old VWs....).


Spashed out and got a 8.4Ah LiFePo and charger from HobbyKing.  So have enough spare power for the time being.