Oh to be a slothful goat....


I decide a page was needed for the QSLs I am getting on email, instead of adding them into the Blog.

Hi Matt.

Thank you very much for a new QSO, a surprised to listen you in 30 m.

EA2BDS/P on EA2/BI-051

Thanks Matt for this new contact.
I hope to heard you again...from other summit.
73s de Inaki



Hi Matt
Yesterday I activated GW/NW-053 (North Wales) and had great fun, working 50 stations in around 90 minutes.  However, one exciting DX contact escaped - YOU!  I got V?2DAG several times and thought it was a station from Canada but didn't pick out the second letter of the prefix for sure.  When I looked on the SOTAWATCH site you had spotted me so now I know that it was you calling.  How close was that!  I have very rarely worked Australia at all (but am always QRP and CW) so that would have been a terrific QSO.  Still, we almost made it and I wanted to let you know and thank you for your call - in the middle of the night I guess?
I was running 5W with a KX3 to a linked dipole.  It was very windy and around 8C but felt cold in the wind.  At least the sun was shining!
Have fun


Hi Matt

Many thanks for the 12m contact today. Apologies if I sounded a bit vague, however, I'd been on the summit for over 5 hours. The the temperature was 2 degrees c and probably a lot colder with the wind chill.  I was very cold and glad to get down and back into the car.
Just to say, a big thanks for staying up so late, great to get you in the log.

Best 73


Thanks Matt for this far contact.
I hope to heard you again...from other summit.
73s de Inaki


Dear Matt: Thank you very much for our today QSO. It was a pleasure for me to make so nice QSO (not the first!) As I have not bureau, I send you my qsl for you to have it.

Best regards from Marcial (EA2BDS) and me. 73 de Mikel


Hi Matt, tu for nice qso 73!



Hi Matt

Yes some dillweed was qrm,'king on purpose. But it didn't keep me from hearing you. As I was setting up I heard you call me. Couldn't believe it. You were my first VK from a SOTA peak! Lone Mountain is close by and I can be to the top in a little over half an hour. So I go there often during the week. Elecraft KX3 12W to an EFHW

73 Jon N7AZ


Hello Matt

Thanks for your call and I could hear my report 229. I have an audio record and I will send It to you soon. You were also 229. Best 73, Happy New Year and I hope that we'll meet again. You were my first VK from a summit.

Many JA's Andre – f5ukl


Hey Matt,

Good to hear from you Matt. Your exactly right about calling blind. The theory here is we chasers are running 100 watts or more and you activators of course are running far, far less. My aim was to at least let you all know we are listening for you. I spend lots of time on 10 meters and have worked 100's of VK / ZL on that band over the years. Usually around 0000 Zulu until just past our Sunset. In cycles past that could last until 0300 - 0400 but this cycle is not one of the better ones. With the 12m Challenge there is a number of us locals that are very active as Chasers and Activators and look for new Associations on that band all the time. Arizona is half desert and half mountain country with lots of Summits to choose from. The problem is I am not a kid anymore, 63 years old, and recently retired. Have lots of time on my hands now and have done a dozen Summits so far. I hope to do many more as long as my body allows. hi hi Fine on your gear and antennas. Hey when the bands open most anything will work. I currently run about 10 watts on 40m, 20m and 12m. The antennas are just wire Inverted Vee type setups but I am experimenting with different things on 12m and 10m. ( Loops and wire yagis ) As an Activator. When I sent blind the other day I have a home brew 3 el yagi at 60 feet that I use as a Chaser. Please think about us here in the Wstern States. We are listening for you guys as we see your posts on SOTA Watch. Our little group here in Phoenix is W7RV, WA7JTM, N7AMA, N5XL, K7JFD, N7CW, W7/DL1UF and a few others. WA7JTM has done over 80 Summits. He is out most weekends and would love catch you as a chaser or S2S. I will be on a Summit in the Grand Canyon area friday or saturday. Depending on the time it may be good for VK / ZL. Thanks again for the e:mail Matt. All the best from Arizona and good luck with your adventures around your great country.

Until later ... ... Ray / W7USA


Hey that's great Matt.

Thanks for sending this through. I haven't kept a copy of the QSO from my side, but it is clear from yours that we successfully exchanged and completed the QSO.

The bits that look hard to read from my side were: > A de vEYP lenltnx ƒ lfb .o ky best mer dx on apta , vyt= Tlled e lere on the co Bsummit hi.E vk2dag ete ms VK2DAG de M1EYP/P tnx fer fb qso, my best ever DX on data. Thrilled here on the cold summit hi (etc). > U;~nP M1EsIe i de OmlFSL OFse'aE5FSL PSE K That was OE5FSL calling in just before we finished our QSO. He was calling for me and I worked him after we completed. > oAG VK2DA K2D de IU4( bOS IU4AtoN3se kn e s1EYP/P sota kn iet That was just me signing with you and calling QRZ: "VK2DAG de M1EYP/P tnx es 73 ... qrz? de M1EYP/P sota kn"

Anyway, thanks again. Without doubt one of my all-time best AR contacts! 73, Tom



I had to write you this email to express my amazement at our QSO this past Monday when I was QRV from Morton Hill in Alabama. I was running 5 watts with an Inverted Vee at 28 feet at the apex. I was stunned when you came back to my CQ. I actually thought you were an OK2 station...and I would have copied your name if it hadn't been for the QRM from a VE2 station getting nervous for a SOTA QSO. Crazy! Anyway, if okay with you I'd like to send you a QSL card to get yours in return....to show off to my friends. I see you recently made Shack Sloth, congratulations and thank you for the wonderful SOTA contact. You are my longest QRP QSO ever....

Best 73, Dennis - WA2USA PS - Our QSO had to be close to 9000 miles...!


Hellow Matt.

I sent a "home made QSL card"  my first contact with VK.  I am very happy to contact you at SOTA.  With only 15 watts and a little antenna MP-1

I Hope to hear you again

EA2DCA, Alberto
Durango, Basque Country