Amateur Radio - DC to Light


Pinched this from my blog.  Need to put it into some sort of order…

Open Wire Feeders… Or “Is Matt cheap?”

This is the Balbal for my Rhombic.  It is a 1/4 wavelength long on 40m.  The lowest freq I use this antenna on, but if it was any longer it would be touching the ground.  The top is 300mm apart tapering down to around 30mm apart and that is connected to a 1:4 Balun.  It is made out of 2.5mm wire and “Floor Tongue”




And the HF VSWR looks like this.



This is the 600 Ohm feed heading off to the Lazy-H.



This is how I tune the 600 Ohm line thru a 4:1 Balun.  I just slide the Balun along the tight line for the best match.  To easy!



And what the HF VSWR looks like.



Now my multi element 82m long Vee beam “Disk” feed.  No matter which pair of wires are selected, the line impedance with be either 430 or 510 Ohm.  Near enougth to 450 Ohm.


Below is the Vee Beam tuner.  Once again I just slide the 6:1 Balun up and down the line for a match.  In this photo it tuned for 21.076 MHz.




And what the HF VSWR looks like.



And finally one of my bi-directional beverages.  Bit hard to get photos of the beverage.  Here are the basic parts.  Just add a few days to string it together.




This is the post that has the Beverage RG-6 termination point.  The beverage 450 Ohm runs up the pole and off to the left.  The 450 Ohm is the beverage.  In one direction the wires are just, well wires.  In the other direction the signal travels along the wire to the far end termination and the 450 Ohm brings it back up.


Also at the top of the pole is the connection of the 450 Ohm feed going to the Vee Beam “Disk” feed.



A shot of the Beverage looking East towards the start of the antenna (with shack in background).


Looking down the Beverage towards the West.  Over the longer spaces where there are no trees I have used conduit pushed onto a bit of pipe that is hammered into the ground.




HF antenna stuff